The creative non-profit community house BEEpart (meaning “Be a part”, “bee art” or “bee” in a sense of “common work”) has been established as a platform for cultural and social innovation in the Pilaitė district in Vilnius. It aims to improve the local social climate, promote dialogue, inspire people to get engaged in cultural activities and foster social innovation. The building, which was designed over two years by Simonas Liūga and Andrius Ciplijauskas, distinguishes itself by its unique design and innovative, environment-friendly solutions. Thebuilding is made out of self-sufficient components, almost independent from the town’s infrastructure (heating, sewage and water collection). The activities taking place in BEEpart include creativity lessons for kids, lectures and training for parents, board game afternoons for seniors, film evenings, art exhibitions and cultural events. BEEpart provides space for communal cultural, educational, social and business initiatives that are open to community members, and encourages participants to take an active role in a number of cultural and social projects.


Additionally, since 2011 BEEpart has been organising the international light installation festival “BEEpositive”, which is an annual community event and an interactive festival in Lithuania. Videos, installations, light costumes, music, photos and other art objects are created by invited artists, townspeople and volunteers aiming to promote the collaboration of Lithuanian and foreign artists and art schools as well as to involve local communities in co-creation processes. Furthermore, BEEpart has managed to create links between cultural and creative industries, since the newly designed building stands out as an exhibition space and attracts local creative talents.