80 egunean (For 80 Days)
dir. Jose Mari Goenaga & Jon Garaño
Spain, 2010, 105 minutes
English subtitles
From Basque directors Jon Garaño and José Mari Goenaga comes a story of illicit desire. This sensitive, and unusual, love story poses one simple question: if you had to choose, would you follow your mind or your heart?. Forbidden by society to develop their budding passion, childhood girlfriends Axun (Itziar Aizpuru) and Maite (Mariasun Pagoaga) were forced to embark on very different paths in life. When Axun returns to their hometown of San Sebastian 50 years later, the women are reunited and given another chance to explore this unrequited love they shared years ago. But as Axun and Maite rekindle their passion, they must now confront not just society, but the lives they have created and the women they have become. English subtitles.
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